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Cameron Cushman and Marcos Mazzola embark on a fly fishing expedition to Montana, U.S.A, Slovenia, Australia, Indonesia, South Africa and Japan where they examine how native fish and the rivers they inhabit are managed. Their journey isn’t about the act of catching fish but about the experience. On this epic journey they learn more about managing water, connecting with habitats and protecting native species.

The series will take a look at river and fisheries management in five colorful locations around the globe. The conservation message of these fisheries is told through the eyes of the two hosts as they embed themselves in local cultures, make new friends, and of course fly fish for species they never thought they’d catch.


I’ve been on the water my entire life as a bass fisherman, but it wasn't until 2014 that I would pick up my first fly rod. Fast forward to 2017 I would find my passion for native fish, and my realization of the importance of conservation.


I met Marcos Mazzola while we were both attending the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. I introduced him to the sport of fly fishing and we began venturing out fishing both freshwater lakes and ponds, and out on the salt at various locales on the intercoastal waterways. Fast forward to the winter of 2018, we have covered well over 20,000 miles in pursuit of native fish and the places they call home. From the Sierra Nevadas in California to the flats of the Florida Keys, I have been fortunate enough to fish for some of our country's most beautiful species.


In today's age, I think it is extremely important to bring awareness to all of the worlds native species in their respected habitat. Because the issue is on the global level, that is where I see the Chasing Natives series having such a huge impact. Our hope is to pass along the passion and bring awareness to these species while promoting conservation efforts all around the world. I am so thankful for the “Native bug” opportunity to create and be a part of such an important film, and the support that we have received so far has been a blessing.

- Cameron Cushman, Host