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Residing in Vero Beach Florida, Cameron is a filmmaker and avid fly fisherman who spends the majority of his time on the water, with his family, or taming his lion’s mane of a beard. He took to fly fishing while stationed in Alaska serving as an Army Infantryman, immediately put the conventional gear behind him, and has jumped head first into the fly fishing world.

He recently finished an 8,000 mile trek across the country in search of various native species with a focus on Cutthroat. His short film, Chasing Natives, has been a huge success since its release and he plans on turning that into a web-based series with each episode being about chasing an individual species in its native range. He currently is working with the Native Fish Coalition on their advisory council helping out with social media and future video projects.

Something many people don’t know about him is that he suffers from a chronic disease known as Gastroparesis, which in simple terms means that his stomach is paralyzed and doesn’t function properly. This causes a whole mess of internal complications. Fly fishing for Cameron is not only a passion and way of life but a medicine to him. He lives by the quote “Passion over Pain,” as he believes that whether he is stuck in a bed or on the water, the pain isn’t going anywhere and pushing through it to follow his passions is a must.


A graduate of The Art Institute of Seattle Video Production program, he is a U.S. Army Veteran who served as a Public Affairs Specialist for several years. Over his career he has excelled at broadcast television and radio facility management, media relations, press release writing, community relations, news editing and social media management for the Army all over the world. In 2008 he was recognized by the Department of the Army as the Broadcaster of the Year. In 2014 he was the senior editor of the U.S. Army Central quarterly magazine, The Desert Voice, which was named Best Army Funded Publication. Josh has always had a passion for the outdoors. When he’s not behind a camera or in the editing booth you’ll find him spending his free time outside teaching his three children about nature and conservation through camping, hiking, hunting and fly fishing.


Marcos Mazzola was born and raised in Valencia, Venezuela and currently lives in Weston, Florida. He attends college, majoring in film production at the Art Institute of Miami and has been living in the United States for almost two years. He has two life passions – film making and fly fishing. The fishing has moved front and center in his life over the last year.


Cameron, while a former classmate at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, introduced Marcos to the sport of fly fishing. The pair were soon venturing out on fishing trips, working around classes at the school. They fished both freshwater lakes and ponds and out on the salt, at various locales on the intercoastal waterway and the Florida Keys in search of sharks and tarpon. Marcos fell under the spell immediately and has traveled throughout the United States in search of special fish. This has included a trip to the Austin, Texas area, and most recently across the country with Cameron, targeting ten native species in the mountains and high deserts of our Western states. His passion has no limit when it comes to making contact with native species.


Dillon is a graduate from The University of Montana with a Masters in Fine Arts. He’s worked on several commercial and independent film productions, which have taken him all over the Western United States and as far as the other side of the Pacific. While residing in Montana the last few years he has developed a reputation as a talented aerial cinematographer and has worked on dozens of projects for the Montana Department of Commerce’s Visit Montana video campaigns. Practically raised on the river, he spends his time fishing, exploring the Pacific Northwest and filming his adventures as he continues to evolve as a filmmaker.