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***Press Release***

January 24th, 2019


Filmmakers raising funds for worldwide fly fishing film


Missoula, Mont.—Local filmmakers announced they plan to team with two fly fishermen to create a film documentary about fishing and conserving exotic species in their native habitats. Montana filmmakers Joshua R. Johnson and Dillon Jenkins will collaborate with anglers Cameron Cushman and Marcos Mazzola of South Florida, to create “Chasing Natives,” a feature-length documentary film following the two fly fishermen as they travel the world in pursuit of native fish species in their natural habitats, while also examining the management and conservation efforts of those habitats. 

The angling adventure includes travel to Montana, Slovenia, South Africa, Nepal and Japan where the two will not only present enticing flies to their bucket-list fish, but also speak with locals, government agencies and biologists about the measures taken to ensure the sustainability of each habitat. 

The film will be far from “doom-and-gloom,” but rather take a positive approach to telling the story of how different cultures within different locations tackle the management of their waters and the fish that depend on them.

The filmmakers are currently working on fundraising efforts with individual and industry sponsors who would like to contribute to film production.

For more information about making contributions to the production of “Chasing Natives,” please visit www.chasingnatives.com.